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Welcome to Finagle Lanka

From Fresh Bread, Burger Buns, Hot Dog Buns, Sweet Buns, Rusks, Cakes and Biscuits - there is something for everyone!

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  • Finagle - How to place your order
    • Select your delivery area
    • When an order is placed, the delivery will take place between 7.30am and 6.00pm the following day.
    • Minimum order value is Rs. 700.00
    • Our delivery service is free of charge
    • You can add products that you want to the shopping cart and increase/decrease quantity and confirm the order once the total order value exceeds Rs. 700.00
    • Enter your delivery address, telephone No. and email and confirm your order.
    • You will get an email confirming your order.
    • You may contact us on our customer service hotline 0777 511 114 (Nuwan)

Our Key Products

  • Finagle - Bread


    There is bread, then there is Finagle Bread - sought after for its softness, taste and texture. What’s more, the slices have just the right thickness. We have 3 types on offer.

    • Sandwich Bread
    • Health Bread
    • Crust Top Bread

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  • Finagle - Buns


    For the busy individual; a variety of pre-baked and frozen buns snacks that contain your favourite fillings; thaw, heat and eat! They come in packs with snack sized items.

    • Tea Buns
    • Cream Buns
    • Hot Dog and Burger Buns

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  • Finagle - Biscuits


    A crunchy snack made using real butter.

    • Butter Rusks
    • Butter Biscuits

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  • Finagle - Cakes


    For those all-important guests, and maybe just for yourself. The range will expand.

    • Sponge Cake
    • Tea Cake

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